About the center

Educational and Scientific Center of Materials Science and Nanotechnologies was created in 2017 (rector’s order nr. 560 from 22.09.2017)

The main areas of activity of the Center:

  • conducting fundamental and applied research and increasing the number of scientific articles in the journals that have a high rating and are included in the Scopus and Web of Science databases;
  • international scientific, scientific-technical, and educational cooperation with partner universities, companies, and foundations;
  • development of the technical base for conducting scientific research and innovative activities;
  • provision of organizational assistance and laboratory facilities to students and D. students during the implementation of the experimental part of their course works, master thesis and PhD thesis;
  • organization of scientific conferences, meetings seminars, etc.

Meeting with the delegation from Lanzhou University (China)

Master students of the 102 Chemistry specialty study the possibilities of SMART analysis (course “Workshop of the Spectrophotometric Analysis”)

Master students of the 102 Chemistry specialty learn the metallographic microscope

Master students of the specialty 102 Chemistry acquire the skills of spectrophotometric measurements (course “Workshop of the  Spectrophotometric Analysis”)

The scientific group of the Center celebrates the Vyshyvanka’s Day